The Prince of Hearts is one of The Fates introduced in Legendary. He is said to have a kiss worth dying for. 

The Prince of Hearts at full power can control peoples heartbeats and emotions. 

Card MeaningEdit

This card is a symbol of unrequited love and irrevocable mistakes.


The Prince of Hearts, like all Fates, was once human. When he became a Fate, his heart stopped beating. It is said that once he finds his one true love, his heart will beat once more.

He later corresponded with Donatella Dragna in Legendary.

Appearance in Legendary ==

Spoilers from Legendary follow:
Like the other Fates, he was trapped inside a card of a cursed Deck of Destiny by a witch named Esmeralda centuries ago. He escaped from his card, and went by the identity of Jacks.Jacks and Donatella corresponded with each other, their letters being revealed at the end of Caraval. Jacks went by the alias of "a friend". He enlisted Donatella to find out Legend's true identity in exchange for her mother, Paloma's, freedom. He remained close to Donatella throughout the book, and even gave her a deadly kiss when she failed to bring him Legend's name. However, it was later revealed that she was immune to his fatal kisses and that she was his one true love.

Powers Edit

Can control emotions, stop hearts, and kill with a fatal kiss.

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