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The Maiden Death is one of the greater Fates and an immortal.


The Maiden Death's head is covered in curving bars of pearls that wrap around her like a cage, and her dress looks more like long tatters of gossamer fabric that had been tied together. ".. her garment billowed around her, as if she kept a private wind on a leash."



Death stole Maiden Death from her family to make her his immortal consort but she refused him. Consequently, Death locked her head in a cage of pearls to keep anyone else from having her. Even then she defied him, sneaking off every night to warn the loved ones of those he was about to take.


In Finale, she along with The Assassin ask for the help of Legend and Donatella, along with the help of Julian, Jovan, Aiko, Nigel, and Caspar. It is revealed that The Fallen Star punishes the Fates, eternally, when they act out. It is also revealed that it was Gavriel that imprisoned the Maiden Death's head when she refused to him, so he had her head caged to keep anyone from touching her. The cage will remain until Gavriel dies.


The Maiden Death is able to predict the loss of a loved one or family member.


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