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The Fates are beings mentioned in Legendary and appear in Finale. They supposedly ruled the world until some centuries ago. They were banished by a witch into a deck of cards called the Deck of Destiny.

The Fates' immortality is linked to the Fate who created them: the Fallen Star. If the Fallen Star is killed, then the Fates he made change from immortal to ageless. They'll still have their magic, and will never love anyone, however, they will not have Caraval to bring them back to life if they die.

The Fates[]

The Fates are made up of 16 immortals, 8 places, and 8 objects. They are as follows:

The Greater Fates[]

The Lesser Fates[]

The Fated Objects[]

Fated Places[]

Luckless Coins: Coins with the magic ability to track a person's whereabouts. When the Fates still reigned on Earth, if one became fixated on a human, they would slip a luckless coin into their purse or pocket so they could follow them wherever they went. The coins were considered to be a bad omen. If you said the name of a Fate repeatedly then you could summon them.