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The Fates are demigods who supposedly ruled the world until some centuries ago. They were banished by a witch into a deck of cards called the Deck of Destiny.


Before the Fates vanished, they "ruled over part of the world with magic that was as malevolent as it was marvelous."[1] Every Fate is known for one particular power. They are jealous, mercurial, and possessive beings, and are not saints or saviors. They can't be killed by mortals, and are faster and stronger than them as well. Many people think the Fates are wicked gods that only want mayhem and chaos. But Evangeline Fox believes they aren't dangerous because they're evil, they're dangerous because they can't tell the difference between evil and good.

The Fates are known to make bargains with humans. While they never break a bargain, they often hurt the people they help. Paloma Dragna says that the Fates have a way of twisting futures. According to Maximilian Fox, the Fates don't determine one's future, instead they open doors into new futures. But the doors they open don't always lead where people expect. Instead, they often lead people to new desperate deals to fix their first bad bargains. Evangeline's rules for visiting Fated churches are: "Always promise less than you can give, for Fates always take more. Do not make bargains with more than one Fate. And, above all, never fall in love with a Fate."[2]

The witch who banished the Fates also took half their powers. The Fates' immortality is linked to the Fate who created them: The Fallen Star. If The Fallen Star is killed, then the Fates he made change from immortal to ageless. They'll still have their magic, and will never love anyone, however, they will not have Caraval to bring them back to life if they die.

Jacks, the The Prince of Hearts, one of the Greater Fates, is, so far, the only fate who has been able to break his personal curse and find his true love, Evangeline Fox.

Some people think the Fates lack emotions. But the truth is actually the opposite. According to LaLa when Fates feel it's intense and consuming. Their strongest feeling is always the urge to be that which they were made to be.[3] This is their curse. Every Fate has a weakness.

The Fates[]

The Fates are made up of sixteen immortals, eight places, and eight objects. They are as follows:

The Greater Fates[]

The Lesser Fates[]

The Fated Objects[]

The Fated Places[]

Luckless Coins[]

Luckless Coins are coins with the magical ability to track a person's whereabouts. When the Fates still reigned on Earth, if one became fixated on a human, they would slip a luckless coin into their purse or pocket so they could follow them wherever they went. The coins were considered to be a bad omen. If you said the name of a Fate repeatedly then you could summon them using the coin.


  • One of the stories about the Fates claims that they visit Valenda on Elantine Eve each year to ensure the ruler is fit to rule another year.