The Fates are beings mentioned in Legendary. They supposedly ruled a quarter of the world until some centuries ago. They were banished by a witch into a deck of cards called a Deck of Destiny.

The FatesEdit

The Fates are made up of 16 immortals, eight places, and eight objects. They are as follows:

The Greater FatesEdit

The Lesser FatesEdit

The Fated ObjectsEdit

  • The Shattered Crown
  • Her Majesty's Gown
  • The Blank Card
  • The Bleeding Throne
  • The Aracle
  • Map of All
  • The Unbitten Fruit
  • Reverie Key

Fated PlacesEdit

  • Tower Lost
  • Phantasy Orchard
  • The Menagerie
  • The Immortal Library
  • Castle Midnight
  • The Imaginarium
  • The Vanished Market
  • Fire Undying

Luckless Coins: Coins with the magic ability to track a person's whereabouts. When the Fates still reigned on Earth, if one became fixated on a human, they would slip a luckless coin into their purse or pocket so they could follow them wherever they went. The coins were considered to be a bad omen.