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The Reverie Key is a Fated object.



Queen Azane turned into a gown, and Reverie when she died. She was a Fate who fell in love with a human and let herself become mortal and die. "But magic cannot die. So, when their human bodies perished, their magic was transferred into objects."


At the end of Legendary all of the Fates were released from the Deck of Destiny.


Scarlett uses the Reverie Key during Finale to find Julian and Donatella.


The Reverie Key has the ability to find people.

In Decks of Destiny, the Reverie Key predicts dreams come true. It can turn any lock and take whoever holds the key to any person that they can imagine.

“However, the Reverie Key’s power cannot be taken. To be used, the key must be received as a gift.

“Like many of the other Fated objects, it chooses who it’s given to, often appearing out of nowhere before it’s given away to someone worthy and in need.


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