Every person has the power to change their fate if they are brave enough to fight for what they desire more than anything.

—Nigel to Scarlett Dragna, Caraval

Nigel is a fortune teller working in Caraval.


Nigel wears a brown cloth that goes from his hips to his thick upper thighs. He has brightly inked tattoos, for example a fire-breathing dragon chasing a mermaid across the forest on his abdomen and cherubs that shoot arrows from beneath his ribs and spear coy fish, while others pierce clouds, which bleed yellow dandelions and peach flower petals. Some of the petals drip toward his legs, which are covered in detailed circus scenes. His face is equally decorated: one purple eye looks out from each cheek, while black stars line his actual eyes. His lips are surrounded by tattoos of barbed wire, one side locked with a golden padlock, while the other is sealed with a heart. The smell of ginger, smoke, and incense always linger around Nigel.




Nigel is said to have been with Caraval since the beginning.

tells the fortune of Scarlett Dragna

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