Marcello Dragna is the governor of The Conquered Isle of Trisda. He is Scarlett Dragna's step-father, Donatella Dragna's father and Paloma Dragna's husband.


Marcello Dragna wears plum-colored gloves and he also likes to dress impeccably. He keeps up with the latest fashion: his blond hair is always tied back with a neat black bow showing off his manicured eyebrows and dark blond goatee. Although he is in his mid-forties, he doesn't let his body turn to fat. He wears two large rings on his right hand. The governor wears a perfume that smells like anise and lavender and something akin to rotted plums.


Marcello was abusive to his daughter after their mother disappeared, he cared for Paloma. He's cruel and cares for power, he 'sold' his daughter to the Count for power and money. He cares for his reputation.



Marcello Dragna lives in and governs the Conquered Isle of Trisda. He turned abusive after his wife, Paradise the Lost known as Paloma, ran away. When Scarlett was around eight years old Marcello killed Felipe, an older son of one of the kinder guards, by drowning him.


Scarlett Dragna and Donatella DragnaEdit

Marcello was a better man,however, after Paloma left The Conquered Isle of Trisda, became abuse towards Scarlett and Donatella. Whenever one of them breaks one of his rules, he will punish the other, as it will bring them more pain. Once Scarlett and Donatella tried to leave Trisda with the help of Felipe, the son of one of their father's guards, but they were ultimately found out. Marcello and his guards came to collect them, and as the guards dragged the sisters back to their home, Scarlett watched as Marcello held Felipe's head underwater, killing him. Later, he told everyone that Felipe had accidentally drowned, making Scarlett fear him even more.


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