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This article contains plot details and major spoilers for the Caraval series. If you have not begun reading the books or are not too far into the story, please do refrain from reading.

Legend is the master of Caraval. He is first introduced when Scarlett Dragna begins to write him to come to their Island to perform for her sister Donatella's birthday. He is played by different performers in each game, but never the same one.


Early Life[]

Legend is a troubled character who cannot be labeled as good or bad. His childhood was not pleasing; his father an alcoholic and his mother a lowly criminal that, “spent a night with his father just to steal one of his possessions”, as said in the book Legendary. His father, ashamed, then tried to sell innocent Legend to a noble family on the other side of the world. Either luck was firmly on or against his side, he was kept captive on a ship that held no survivors, but let him live after he amused them by saying he was a runaway prince. He then joined a talentless group that he turned into Caraval.

Beginning of Caraval[]

Caraval master, Legend, is a magical character in all three novels. He fell for Annalise Dragna who he could not have how he would have liked. He went to a witch, who told him she could grant one wish, to either be able to marry Annalise or to have a legendary Caraval. He thought if he was famous, she would love him even more and therefore chose to be famous. However, when that wish was granted, he was no longer the same man. She didn't love the man he had become, and she ended things with him and married another man.


During Caraval, Legend plays the role of Dante. We first meet him when Scarlett goes to an inn and falls asleep outside a room after hearing Tella's voice instructing her not to enter. After offering his room to her, saying he can sleep with his "sister", he invites her on a date which she says no to due to her ruse with Julian. He is later found dead by Scarlett, Legend (played by another Caraval actor) confessing he's the one to kill him. At the end of the game, it is revealed Dante is alive, this is because no Caraval player can die while the game is in progress.



In Legendary, it is later revealed that the witch that Legend visited to gain his magical powers also sealed The Fates in the Deck of Destiny. She took half their magic as well so that even if The Fates returned, they would be weakened. The magic she took from The Fates is the same she used to grant Legend's wish. She warned Legend that if The Fates ever managed to break the seal, they would search for and kill Legend to retrieve their magic. Knowing that Legend would want to keep his powers, she used him to ensure that The Fates would not be able to gain their powers back should they ever return. Her plan was that in order to keep his magic, Legend would eventually destroy The Fates or be destroyed by them, taking his magic with him.

The Temple of the Stars had branded Legend in exchange for allowing Tella to enter the vault where her mother had hidden the Deck of Destiny.

Legend vowed to the temple that he would bring them the witch who helped created the Fates. He swore it on his immortality.

At the end of Legendary, it is revealed that Legend is Dante.


Legend visits Donatella in her dreams every night to ask Tella if she wants her prize for the Caraval that she had won. However, every time, Tella always says no. Later on, Legend meets up with Tella in the Midnight Maze, and there, Legend tells Tella that he wants to make her immortal. Soon after Tella refuses, the Murdered King and the Undead Queen show up, and kill Legend. Legend wants to turn Donatella immortal because he is afraid that he might fall in love with Tella, and hence turn into a mortal. When Tella finally agrees, Tella accidentally says that she loves him, and at that, he turns her down because he thinks Tella deserves better. However, once they had defeated the Fallen Star, Legend found Tella, who's feelings were under the control of Jacks. Legend confessed to Tella that the reason why he left her on those steps after she had won Caraval was because he realized he was falling in love with her. Soon after, they kissed and the spell that was put upon Tella was broken. Legend gave up his immortality for Tella.



Donatella Dragna[]

In Caraval, Legend and Donatella Dragna kiss during the party after that year's Caraval. They both wake up together in the grass after the ending of Caraval. In Legendary, Donatella and Legend share multiple kisses, but he later abandons her when she wins Caraval. In Finale, Legend tries to make Donatella immortal so he can have her without losing his immortality. After the Fallen Star is defeated, he finds Donatella, who is still under Jack's power, and there he gives up immortality for Donatella, since he had fallen in love with her.



  • Legend's other name, Dante, means enduring.[1]


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