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"Remember, it's only a game…"
This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the Caraval series. If you have not begun reading the books or are not too far into the story, please do refrain from reading.

Julian Bernardo Marrero Santos is Legend's brother and a performer in Caraval.


Julian is described as young and handsome with golden-brown skin, amber brown eyes, and dark hair. Due to Governor Dragna, he has a thin, jagged scar that runs from his jaw to the corner of his eye. Julian is well-built, every inch of his back is muscled just as his torso is. He has a thick scar that disfigures the space between his shoulder blades, two more scars crossed his lower back as if someone had stabbed him multiple times.


While in character, he was a more careless, laid back, relaxed type, who seemed to care about nothing, he called Scarlett 'Crimson' throughout the duration of the book, much to her dislike. He seemed like he didn't want to get attached to anyone. He also seemed to think that Dante was very untrustworthy for Scarlett to spend her time around. He disappears many times throughout the book, leaving Scarlett to try and figure things out alone, and comes back with useless information. Later, we find out that he is Legend's brother. Scarlett discovers that he was actually a performer, only meant to play a part, not to have real feelings. However, Julian broke the rules for Scarlett, and developed real feelings for her over the course of the game.


Julian is first introduced when Scarlett finds him in the barrel room with her sister, Donatella.

Julian comes from the Santos family of performers. For most of his life, Julian looked up to Legend and idolized him, he stated that most of his life he wanted to be Legend. When Julian became a performer he didn't care if he lied or hurt anyone, he just wanted to impress Legend. However, after the incident with Rosa, he lost faith in everything. After that, he realized Caraval was no longer the game it once had been: meant to give people a harmless adventure and make them a little wiser. Legend had changed over the years, becoming more of a villain each time he played one that he became a villain in real life.

A few months before Julian met Scarlett he decided to leave but Legend persuaded him to give him another chance and stay.



  • Julian's name is of Latin origin and means youthful, representing his generally easy-going and mischievous nature.[2]


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