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A mercurial Fate, Jester Mad symbolised happiness destined not to last.

Legendary, Chapter 12

Jester Mad is a lesser fate and an immortal.


Half of the Jester Mad costume is jet black, the other half is rainbow-colored patchwork. It features a cape and mask.

Jester Mad is portrayed by Jovan during The Fated Ball.

In Finale, Jester Mad wore a mask that was shiny, like porcelain, with one side baring teeth while the other side winked and stuck out half a tongue.


Jester Mad is often known for being one of the madder Fates, and seems to have little to no care towards people, an example of this is how he moves people around it as if they were marionettes. "Their arms and legs were tied up with strings, which Jester Mad magically controlled to make their movements jerky and doll-like."



Jester Mad was portrayed by Jovan during the Fated Ball. He, along with the rest of the Fates, was released from the Deck of Destiny


Tella, Julian, and Scarlett find work of Jester Mad when they find a group of servants that had been put under the spell of Jester Mad.


Jester Mad has the ability to animate objects.


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