Her Majesty's Gown is a Fated object.


The dress changes based on the owners emotions. When Scarlett first sees it it is "rather plain".


Queen Azane turned into the gown, and the Reverie when she died. She was a Fate who fell in love a human and let herself become mortal and die. "But magic cannot die. So, when their human bodies perished, their magic was transferred into objects."

Caraval Edit

This dress was a gift to Scarlett from Legend. After she and Julian land on Isla de los Sueños, dripping wet, they wander through the town and find the shop. When they enter, they find dry clothes laid out for them. The dress for Scarlett is described as "rather plain, disappointing. The opposite of how she'd imagined clothes from Caraval. There was no corset. The bodice fabric was an unappealing shade of beige, with a flat skirt. No petticoats of underskirts or bustles." The dress later transforms to "a rich cerise- the color of seduction and secrets. A stylish row of bows ran down the center of a fitted bodice with a scooped neck, set off by a matching ruffled bustle. The skirts beneath were scalloped and fitted to her form, five slender tiers of different fabrics, alternating between cerise silk and tulle, and bits of black lace. Even the boots had changed, from dull brown to an elegant combination of matching black leather and lace." As Scarlett plays Caraval throughout the first book, the dress changes many times based on her emotions.

Legendary Edit

Scarlett continues to wear the dress. It was mentioned that although she supposedly wanted nothing to do with Julian, the dress reacted violently when he came to try to take her back.

Finale Edit

The dress turns out to be a Fated Object; a Fate that chose love over immortality and died a natural death. The dress is destroyed while she is trying to escape from the dungeon, but Julian later makes her gloves from the remains of it.


Her Majesty's Gown can turn into any sort of dress, depending on the persons emotions and feelings.


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