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This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the Caraval series. If you have not begun reading the books or are not too far into the story, please do refrain from reading.

Donatella Dragna is Scarlett Dragna's sister and the daughter of Marcello Dragna and Paloma Dragna.


She is very impulsive, rule-breaking and acts before thinking. Her Nana inspired the idea of the Caraval for Tella at a very young age, and she never let it go. Tella cared about Scarlett like a sister, but also like a best friend. The girls told each other everything. When Tella was younger, she dreamed of becoming a mermaid or living in a grand castle where she could rule many people, and when she told Scarlett, her sister laughed at her. Of course, she knew mermaid didn't exist, but her dreams of magic increased only as she got older with her mind always lost in thoughts about the Caraval.

Appearance Edit

Donatella Dragna is a slim girl with honey blond hair that hangs in soft ringlets over her shoulders. She inherited the majority of her fathers' light looks, and the majority of people call her Tella instead of Donatella. She looked like her grandmother Annalise when she was young and shown in Scarlett’s dream in Caraval when she wears her Nana Ana’s purple dress.



Donatella and Scarlett are close. They deeply care for one another and blame each other for mistakes. It is revealed that if Scarlett took the blame, Tella would be “punished” by their abusive father in front of them. Even with Scarlett’s marriage, Donatella forces Scarlett to go to Caraval by asking Julian to help her do so. Tella saw Scarlett’s stress and insecurities all due to her future marriage and their father and brought her out of her comfort zone. Even if they get in trouble. Scarlett wants to keep Donatella safe and keep her from their abusive father. While Donatella wants Scarlett to have fun and live her life instead of keeping safe.

Marcello DragnaEdit

Since her father was abusive towards Donatella and her sister, she has attempted to escape but it failed and Scarlett was punished because of it. Marcello and Donatella are not close, and she tries to live her life every chance she has.


At the end of Caraval, she kisses Dante and they develop their relationship throughout Legendary.



  • Donatella is cursed to unrequited love.
  • Donatella is a name of Italian and Latin origin meaning beautiful gift[2], given by god[3], or simply gift[4].


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