The Deck of Destiny is a method of fortune telling. It contains thirty-two cards, comprised of a court of sixteen immortals, eight places, and eight objects.



The Fates are pictured in the Deck of Destiny. There are a number of decks that are replicas of the original, into which The Fates were originally banished and contained. Paloma Dragna stole the original deck.


Card Type
The Murdered King Immortal
Greater Fate
The Undead Queen Immortal
Greater Fate
The Prince of Hearts Immortal
Greater Fate
The Maiden Death Immortal
Greater Fate
The Fallen Star Immortal
Greater Fate
Mistress Luck Immortal
Greater Fate
The Assassin Immortal
Greater Fate
The Poisoner Immortal
Greater Fate
Jester Mad Immortal
Lesser Fate
The Lady Prisoner Immortal
Lesser Fate
Priestess, Priestess Immortal
Lesser Fate
Her Handmaidens Immortal
Lesser Fate
The Unwed Bride Immortal
Lesser Fate
Chaos Immortal
Lesser Fate
The Pregnant Maid Immortal
Lesser Fate
The Apothic Immortal
Lesser Fate
The Shattered Crown Fated Object
Her Majesty's Gown Fated Object
The Blank Card Fated Object
The Bleeding Throne Fated Object
The Aracle Fated Object
Map of All Fated Object
The Unbitten Fruit Fated Object
Reverie Key Fated Object
Tower Lost Fated Place
Phantasy Orchard Fated Place
The Menagerie Fated Place
The Immortal Library Fated Place
Castle Midnight Fated Place
The Imaginarium Fated Place
The Vanished Market Fated Place
Fire Undying Fated Place


Main characters
Scarlett DragnaDonatella DragnaJulian SantosLegendCount Nicolas d'ArcyPaloma DragnaMarcello Dragna
Minor and supporting characters
The Fates
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