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This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the Caraval series. If you have not begun reading the books or are not too far into the story, please do refrain from reading.

Count Nicolas d'Arcy is Scarlett Dragna's ex-fiancé with whom she'd been corresponding through letters. He lives in the Elantine Empire's capital city Valenda.


In Caraval, the Count described as having only one eye that is "green as a fresh-cut emerald"; the right one is covered by a black eyepatch. He has ink hair with long sideburns which fed into a neatly trimmed beard and is "shaped like a work of art with outlined lips designed for dark whispers". He also has white teeth and soft hands. According to Scarlett, he walks "like a wraith, graceful but with an edge that felt too dangerous for her liking".

After Scarlett drinks the apple cider, his crimson cravat is one of the few things she still sees in color.

In Legendary, however, we find out that the Count in Caraval is actually a performer called Armando, meaning that we have never actually seen him.


In his letters to Scarlett, he seems kind and considerate, promising to take care of Scarlett and Tella once she marries him. However, Donatella believes otherwise, saying that he's just pretending to be a good man so that Scarlett will marry him. She also thinks that no person that makes deals with her father can be good.




At the beginning of Legendary, it is revealed that the Count as he appeared in Caraval was actually played by a performer called Armando. Julian is aware of this and tells Tella, but under the condition that she must keep it from Scarlett. Eventually, however, Scarlett does find out and consequently breaks up with Julian, although they seem to get back on good terms by the end of the book. Scarlett then tries to contact the real Count by writing letters to him.


Scarlett DragnaEdit

The Count and Scarlett corresponded through letters, and were to marry a couple of days after Caraval ended. The Count is said to sound like a gentleman through his letters, he promised to take care of Scarlett and Donatella.


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