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This article contains plot details and major spoilers for the Caraval series. If you have not begun reading the books or are not too far into the story, please do refrain from reading.

Caspar is a performer who played Legend and Daniel DeEngl in Caraval.


Caspar is described to be pale with very dark eyes. He is said to only look a few years older than Scarlett.




When Donatella Dragna and Scarlett Dragna enter Caraval, Donatella sleeps with a man on the first night, who is later revealed to be named Daniel DeEngl. She then follows him into his home, eventually getting engaged to him. Scarlett, however, believes that Daniel is Legend but fails to convince Donatella of such, as said has already completely fallen for Daniel's charms. When Daniel threatens Scarlett, Donatella finally sees Daniel's true intentions, jumping off the tower into her death. Scarlett, distraught about her sister's death, then searches for Legend but upon finding him realizes that it's never really been Legend whom she met but rather Caspar, a performer in Caraval who was pretending to be Legend.


When Donatella dances with Jacks, she sees Caspar with another man. Later, Caspar performs during Caraval by befriending two players and leading them to the Church of Legend. He asks both of the players which of the Fates powers they would like to have. He then asks, Donatella the same question, but leaves before Donatella can answer. Lastly, he plays the Prince of Hearts in the play shown at Empress Elantine's banquet.

Finale Edit

Caspar first appears in the Narrow House with legends others performers during the meeting with the Maiden Death and the Assassin. Caspar is the most friendly to the Fates out of the group, and feels that they should be trusted. Legend later orders Caspar to sneak in to the palace to find out what the other Fates have planned. Caspar is later mentioned after Donatella says she likes nice boys, and Legend reveals that Caspar isn't attracted to girls.


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