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This article contains plot details and major spoilers for the Caraval series. If you have not begun reading the books or are not too far into the story, please do refrain from reading.

Aiko is an histographer that draws the history of Caraval for Legend through pictures. She is a known performer at Caraval.


Aiko is described to be "as pretty as watercolor" and dressed "as bold as a trumpet" in a golden gown with daringly sleeves and a bright chartreuse bustle in Caraval. She has strawberry-blonde hair and gold-rimmed eyes.


While kind most of the time, Aiko has been known to be helpful to players during Caraval, but her help also can come with formidable costs.


Caraval Edit

Scarlett first meets Aiko when waiting in the tavern of her hotel for Julian. She tells Scarlett to have more fun with the players asking about Donatella before Scarlett leaves upon noticing Dante's black heart tattoo. Aiko returns after Scarlett is tricked by a boy selling cider, and when Scarlett wants to look in her notebook, Aiko tells her she must give her something valuable in return. They come across a man asking for a song for donation; Aiko agrees, and this causes Scarlett to notice a distinct man walk by. Scarlett then asks Aiko what she will be gaining from looking in the notebook. Aiko just says that lots of things are possible. Eventually, Aiko explains that her notebook has the history of Caraval in it. She allows Scarlett to look in the notebook because there is magic preventing her from seeing things that could help her. When Scarlett wants to see more, Aiko says she will allow her to if Scarlett will purchase 3 dresses for herself. Scarlett says she will buy 2, and Aiko agrees. When Scarlett purchases the dresses, she ends up losing one day of her life (the cost was 2 days; Julian gave her a day of his life so Scarlett would not lose as much time). She also has to say her greatest fear and desire, but what Scarlett says for her desire does not work, so she must lose 2 days of her life instead. This proves that Aiko is quite a force to be reckoned with.


Aiko reveals that Tella and Scarlett's mother is actually Paradise Lost, a master theif and suspected murderer. She took Tella's last memory of her mother in exchange for the information that changed everything- Paloma's Fated Deck actually housed the Fates. The final memory Aiko took was apparently so important that it made her notebook a lot thicker, and housed terribly powerful info. Aiko knows everything about everything, and will *always* find a way to get what she wants.


Aiko was in the council of Legend's most trusted Caraval players as they tried to decide whether or not to trust the Assassin and the Maiden Death. Other people on the council were Julian, Tella, Jovan, Caspar, Armando, and Nigel. Honestly, people underestimate and under appreciate Aiko.

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